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galaxyspiral.jpgSince this site is about using HYPNOSIS for weight loss, I’ll be focusing on the hypnosis part today. Take a moment and ask yourself, ”How would I define hypnosis?”

Some people are morbidly afraid of it because some moron told them that a hypnotist can take over their mind, make them do immoral things, and then hand their mind over to the devil to get his due. Now, I am a deeply spiritual person, and I have one thing to say about this – ridiculous. Would God really make us so vulnerable and defenseless? I think not. After all, we are made in HIS image, and is God that weak-minded? Sacrilege! Anyway, it’s not a question of, should you stay away from hypnosis. Hypnosis is everywhere. That said, beware of TV advertisements. Watching TV we all go into a state of hypnosis. Not buying it? Okay, true or false…Have you ever been so engrossed by a movie, say, The Shining, that when your phone rang out suddenly it scared the beecheezits out of you? That level of “into the movie” was a state of hypnotism. That’s why corporations pay BILLIONS for ad campaigns, to get to you while you are in that state – or put you in that state themselves. You ARE being programmed. The question is, do you know who is programming you, and with what. I hope you are making choices in the matter. Like the choice to eat healthy foods.

Then there are some people who’ve seen stage shows where hypnosis is used as entertainment and think a hypnotist will make them think they are Elvis or Madonna and get them to sing like a fool in front of their friends. It’s true. That can happen, but that’s show business. Okay, if you’ve witnessed someone get onstage and perform as Madonna, you probably know they did a pretty good job up there. Most of the time they do a pretty darn good job imitating how she sings and dances, don’t they! How about if a hypnotist had you eat and exercise the way Madonna does! Now that would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it, to have Madonna’s bod? If you’re a girl anyway, it would be pretty cool. Anyhow, there’s a difference between entertainment and clinical hypnosis. I practice the latter, though someday me and my partners J. and J. and K. (and you know who you are) will book ourselves as a hypnotism stage act on a luxury cruise liner to the Fiji Islands for a couple of months.

Nowadays, many people are doing hypnosis for a variety of goals. The A.M. A. – American Medical Association – approved of hypnosis as a tool for behavior modification back in 1958. Since then many people have turned to it for painless child birthing, to speed up wound healing, stress reduction, better golf scores (in fact nearly every professional athletic team works with a sports psychologist that uses various aspects of hypnotic conditioning to bring out the MVP in every member), to stop smoking, overcome test anxiety, and lose weight.

Because hypnosis is quickly becoming a household word, many more people are educated in what hypnosis is, and what it isn’t. Hypnosis isn’t being weak-minded. In fact the opposite is true. The smarter and more achievement oriented a person is, the more powerful the results. Hypnosis isn’t handing your mind over to another. Actually, again, the opposite is true. Hypnosis allows you to take back control of your mind. Hypnosis isn’t being unaware – if anything hypnosis produces a state of super-awareness. It’s like falling asleep with a baby. Not only do you remain aware of what that baby is doing, but his every breath, every rustle of the sheet beneath him, sounds like it’s on a microphone. Super-consciousness, not UN-consciousness.

Hypnosis allows you to be fully focused on your loftiest goal – and get unconditional support for accomplishment. If self-sabotage gets in your way of reaching your goal, hypnosis can help you find out what it stems from, and transform it into something that encourages you instead. Hypnosis can emphasize the dieter’s focus, concentration, motivation, determination, self-confidence, self-esteem, connection to the body, choice awareness, and much more. It can help you overcome any emotional attachments to food, get you back in the gym, upgrade your attitude to positive, and lose weight through permanent changes.

This is just one bite of the elephant. More to come. For more info, visit the following link to visit our FAQ page:

Till later, Gina


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