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Loose, Hanging Down to Your Knees Excess Skin

jogging.jpgOkay. I’m back. I apologize for the temporary absence but we’ve just moved our office and you know how that fills your head. My thoughts have been about packing, signing leases, informing people on change of address, discarding the unneeded, acquiring the necessary, unpacking, and organizing. With most of that done, I’m finally feeling back in the groove and quite ecstatic with the changes!

I have been keeping tabs on you, my dear blog readers, and have found many of you are interested in what happens to our skin as we shed the extra poundage. I understand the concerns and so will address this topic, to the best of my ability, next. Bear in mind I’m not a physician, or scientist, and cannot prescribe pills. I am merely going to relate what has biologically and logically worked for me and others. Here is what I have learned, and while I do not profess to know everything, experience does have it’s teaching credentials.

Here are some important factors for getting the skin to adhere to the reducing physique.

1.) Gradual weight loss. Skin is very elastic. It has to be to stretch over some of our bellies, butts, and thighs. There are many women who’ve had more than one pregnancy and don’t have skin hanging down to their knees. Skin is a living organ, like heart, liver, kidneys and all, not like a rubber band that just stretches out and stretches in at will. Skin retracting is a function of healing. When people lose wieght very fast (as in Gastric Bypass Surgery) they aren’t working with the body’s natural pace. Getting out of sync with the body’s natural pace and is one reason I believe weight loss surgery has so many risks to it. Also, and this is important, with fast weight loss you tend to lose lean muscle structure as well as fat. You know it’s true, when yuo go on some weird diet and don’t execise or get enough protein, you’re going to lose muscle as well as fat. The lack of structure means a lack of solid place for the skin to adhere to.

2.) Water. Stay hydrated. Plump up the skin.

3.) Essential Fatty Acids.

4.) Exercise.

5.) Get adequate protein.

Check out this interesting website for more info:

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