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Oprah’s Secret

jag.jpgA couple of days ago I was watching Oprah’s show on De-cluttering when she aired a clip for yesterdays show which was on: Learning The Secret to a great life. For example: making more money! Better health. Marrying the man of your dreams! “When I heard that (about the secret) it brought tears to my eyes,” Oprah said.Well, I was bummed because I wanted desperately to know the secret but would have to be at work when it aired. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I would catch a cold that very night and choose to stay home from work the next day so as to not spread my germs…and so I got to watch the show after all.

Turns out The Secret is a book/movie all about the Law of Attraction. This is what I got from the show, plus a little of my own understanding of it:

Like attracts Like.

Here is how we create what we are Like. Thoughts create pictures in our minds. What I mean is, if you think the word CAR, you don’t actually see the letters C-A-R, Rather you see a Volvo, or VW Bug, or Camaro, or whatever.

For example: Think of the word Balloon. Close your eyes and think about a balloon. What color is it? What’s the setting – a park? Circus? Birthday party? Is it laying around, floating above in the air, attached to a string? You make a unique picture from what I’d make, or your friends would make. You have a distinct and different reality from mine or anyone else’s.

Depending on your associations with various word they will have varying weights of emotion attached to it. Thoughts create emotion – or feelings. Check for any emotions that come up for the following words:

1. Rich.

2. Poor.

3. Alcoholic.

4. Healthy.

5. Crippled.

6. Loser.

7. Fat.

8. Idiot.

9. Svelte.

10. Mercedes.

11. Millionaire.

12. High Tech.

Note which words carry a higher emotional effect than the others. Did 1,4,9,10,11,12 turn you on more than the other ones gave you a knot-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach reaction, or did the negative ones scare you more than the others turned you on? It’s important to know what drives you. In other words are you attracted towards prosperity? Or are you attracted away from poverty?

When left to run amuck, feelings are more powerful than words. It’s important to know because it’s your unconscious that runs the show where feelings are concerned. In fact, we call the unconscious “the feeling mind.” Your unconscious doesn’t process negatives very well – so you may have answered ” Away from poverty” and what the unconscious hears is: “Blah, Blah Poverty.” So the picture it paints for the universe to MATCH (Like Attracts Like) is poverty.

The good news is that feelings are alter-able. We change feelings like we change into comfortable shoes at the end of the day. For example, you’re driving down the road, feeling up and positive…then suddenly THAT song comes on – you know the one…the one that you related to when you broke up with your last boyfriend. And vaboom – those uplifted spirits come crashing down, and you can barely drive because the tears are flooding your eyes. Then you get home and have a big piece of triple-layer chocolate cake, and you start feeling better, stronger, powerful again, for the moment. Then when you lay your fork down you start feeling GUILT. Why did I eat that piece of cake? I’ll never lose this extra forty pounds…Arrgh.

We can be the cause for our feelings to change. Our feelings aren’t necessarily doomed to be ruled by external stimuli. We can start by changing the internal chat we have with ourselves – the self-chats that are painting pictures of monsters holding us captive under swampy black lagoons – like that guy who dumped me may have been sent to me so I’d get to know myself in a more positive way? Could it be that I attracted insecure, self-serving morons because I was focused on the insecure, self-serving moron in myself. Now, I want to focus on my newfound strength, generosity, and nurturing qualities and attract guys who match that.

It was a good show. I have friends who have seen The Secret, and they highly recommend it. The bottom line is we have to start loving who we are now and being thankful for what we have now! And exude health, a love of fitness, appreciation for living self-satisfied lives on the learning path.

I’ll tell you my own secret as to how the Law of Attraction has become evident in my own life, in an “interesting” way. I have written a novel called, BODY FLUIDS (soon to be published) which deals with people who have HIV. The book took me 5 years to complete with research and editing and all. All my life I have been healthy – no illness. Then I write this book, and mysteriously develop an immune system problem myself. It isn’t HIV, but it’s a weakened immune system, just the same. In fact, every three weeks I have to go in and have IVIG infusions in order to support my immune function Are you thinking what I’m thinking??? I put it out there passionately and it’s come back around. I’m not the first writer to have this happen to them. Stephen King was nearly fatally struck by a vehicle on a desolate country road while he was out walking one day. In a moment before losing consciousness he saw the guy who’d hit him, and he thought, “Oh my God, I’ve been killed by one of my own characters!”

And to think my next book was going to be about Vampires!! Not anymore. Now, I’m going to write a novel about a VERY beautiful, VERY very wealthy, extremely healthy, athletic girl who always gets what she wants, and everyone loves her!

Luv ya,



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