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virginia-n31.jpgMy name is Gina Fox. I am a forty-something year old, female, hypnotist in Escondido, California. I am using hypnosis for weight reduction. I started my hypnosis weight loss program weighing 400 pounds. I’ve already lost 190 pounds. I have forty to go to get to my ideal weight of 170. I’m 5′9′’, and don’t want to be skinny, just at a healthy fat %. With proper exercise, I think 170 will be fine. Of course, once I make my ideal – 170 – I can reevaluate.

I have tried many different diets, even anorexia and bulimia. I did lose weight, but always regained it. Hypnosis was my last resort, and the only approach that has helped me to, not just reduce my weight in a healthy way, but also maintain the loss in a healthy way.

I will use this blog to talk about how lifelong obesity has affected me personally, and also how hypnosis has helped me through not just weight reduction, but also giving me back my self-discipline, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Through various hypnotic techniques I worked through my personal issues and deep attachments to food. Then, I was able to release my obsession with food, and change my bad eating habits to good ones. I will go more into these ideas as I blog.

I will also use this blog to chart my present and future progress as I make my “weigh” down into my healthy and happy physique and clothing size. I will also give handy weight loss/nutrition/exercise advice. Things I did to make my weight loss as healthy, and flabby, hanging, excess, loose skin-free as possible. No skin-trimming SURGERY! I’ll go into more of that later.

Having lost 200 pounds already, I feel great now. Better than I did at an unhealthy, anorexic twenty years old. Well, I’ll be blogging more soon about weight loss, and hypnosis! Got to get back to work. I have a hypnosis weight loss client due in about 10 minutes!

Till Soon, Gina


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