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Good Resource!

key.jpgI found out about a fascinating new ally in the endeavor for healthy mind/healthy body. His name is Dr. Mark Hyman, a family medicine doctor turned nutritionist/weight loss researcher. His gig is how to eat in a way that stimulates the metabolism for easier weight loss. I love it. Here’s a little about him from his web site:

>>>>>>In his work, Dr. Hyman applies the best of conventional and alternative medicine with cutting-edge science, placing him at the forefront of progressive medical care and education in the United States . A strong and pioneering voice for change in the fundamental way health care is perceived and delivered, as well as for a new paradigm for physicians, he has launched an innovative approach that taps into years of medical research that has not, until now, been translated into clinical practice in hospitals, homes, and the community.

Dr. Hyman is the Editor-in-Chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine…<<<<<

I’ve been enjoying his blog, and as far as I’ve read, he is so right on. If you’re into healthy eating, and want to boost your metabolism, check it out:

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