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Vitamin D Deficiency?

I love this young Harvard medical student. Brilliant young man. (He comes on right after the moment with the ducks…) Watch this video if you have a desire to know more about vitamin D. I am also starting to hear of studies supporting that vitamin D deficiency contributes to obesity. Go get some sun – is that so hard to do?

BTW – For more info on the speaker check out his YouTube profile:

Oprah’s Weight Loss Goals 2009

Dear Reader,

Thanks for coming around. Forgive me for being absent for too long, but I’m back again. My new year resolution is to get back to the gym on a regular, 6 day a week basis.

Oprah’s Falling Off the Wagon show this past Monday got my juices flowing. The show focused on her struggles with her illness-related 40 lb weight gain. Her acute insight and frankness made the show riveting for me. It’s not often she talks about her deepest insecurities, and personal issues. You could see in her face that she wasn’t entirely comfortable admitting she has these self-doubts, and that made her sharing more of a gift.

At one point she reflected back on a show where she featured Cher and Tina Turner and with hurt flashing in her eyes she unfavorably compared her plus-size body to their older but fitter ones. She admitted that she’d been sticking to head shots for her O magazine covers. As they showed the covers as examples of how she’d been ducking from showing her rounder shape I think I even saw one cover of a child. Had she resorted to using childhood pics? I don’t know for sure, but she is the only cover girl for her rag, and I am pretty sure I caught a glimpse of one cover that had a little girl on it. I don’t normally buy the magazine but I imagine she made it relevant and scored by talking about childhood stuff.

She reminisced about when she had been gorgeously hard-bodied. In one clip from the past she’s wearing a short shirt which shoes off her flat, tight belly and she’s glowing with joy and pride! She’s laughing and says something like, “Look at me I’m fifty and showing off my belly!” She recalls fondly her stunning cover girl days, then gets present and says sadly, “I thought I had it – and then life happened.”

Anyway, I can totally relate to her self-dissatisfaction with her weight gain. I, too have had a weight gain of 40 lbs over the past 2 years. My weight gain also was influenced by an illness. Ten years ago I lost 200 lbs. Up to two years ago I was very fit – going to the gym 6 days a week, eating very little junk food. I was at my peak, and then to quote Oprah, “I thought I had it, and then life happened.”

What happened to me was a deadly jacuzzi-bacteria blood infection. It impaired my immune system and caused all sorts of debilities rendering me unfit for strenuous gym workouts. My lack of exercise showed up on the scale. I’m healthier now, and realizing I need to get back to the gym, but I also know my limitations. I had been trying to start back up where I’d left off, and I finally get that that’s not going to happen. At least not without probable injury. I have to start slowly and build into a new, powerful routine.

What happened to Oprah? Apparently she had become Vitamin D deficient which probably contributed to a thyroid condition. The thyroid illness affected negatively her metabolism and energy levels. The thyroid condition took a toll on her exercise regimen and caused frustration and despair. Oprah then fell into that bad conversation many of us are familiar with called “What’s the use?” and ate like there was no hope. The added calories and lack of exercise led to a depressing weight gain of 40 lbs.

Now, if you know me, you know I have been harping or should I say Harpoing (sorry, that was bad) about how many of us ARE vitamin D deficient which can lead to all kinds of nasty little disorders. Think about this – we have all become so scared of the sunshine we avoid it, and yet skin cancer is on the rise. What’s up with that? As a result we have become a nation of vitamin D deficient sun-avoiders. I myself am supplementing with a delicious liquid vitamin D that is based in concord grape juice. And I try to get all the sunlight I can. I love getting my D.

Anyway, back to Oprah. The bottom line is her 90 lb weight loss success can still be considered a major accomplishment. Keep in mind she has managed to keep 50 or so lbs off!! For like 10 years – maybe more!! That in itself is incredible. In fact, anyone who knows about weight loss success knows it frequently happens that way – lose 100 lbs, regain fifty. Lose fifty, regain 20. Lose 20, regain 5 – and that’s perfectly typical. Time, and persistence are definite factors in achieving weight loss mastery.

Especially since LIFE does have a way of getting in the mix. The important way to remain being is persistent and conscious. I wish I could talk to her about using hypnosis to make this weight loss effort more fun, more conscious, and more effective. More on that in the next edition. Coming soon.

For more information on the episode and her striving visit her website:

Till later!
Gina Fox, CHT

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“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.”

Back to Work – Loved My Vacation!

beef-ribs.jpgHi Ya’ll!

Just wanted to remind you we’re back on for this Saturday – tomorrow!

Jeff and I ended up touring the land of southern hospitality, fried chicken, bar BQ ribs, and fish frys. We visited Memphis, Eureka Springs, Bowling Green, and Tunica. All those cities, BTW, are in different states – Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Mississippi – respectively.

Just so you know I enjoyed the southern comfort foods – but in moderation – and actually ended up losing about five pounds. That’s probably because we did lots and lots of walking! Ahhh – the power of movement! And though we did enjoy the protein comfort foods – BBQ beef ribs, fried chicken, prime rib, fried fish, along with some mashed taters, biscuits, and gravy – we ALWAYS had salad, and hardly ever had dessert – except for once when we had some chocolate chip bar.

Walk, walk, walk. Well, that’s the scoop.

Tomorrow we’ll continue with the book we read last time, regarding how successful people who’ve earned their ideal physique have managed to stay fit. Great weight loss tips. And to top it all off, we’ll do a great hypnosis process!


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Saturday Morning Weight Loss Meetings

secretary.jpgGood Morning Dear Reader!

Today is Saturday! Every Saturday morning, we meet. We are the Hypno-Lean group. We meet from 9:00 to noon. It’s the fastest three hours ever, because we are a fun, supportive bunch. Generally we start out by catching up with how our weeks have gone. Sometimes we’ve had struggles, but we try to leave the garbage at the door. No whining, no moaning, no giving up. Keeping our focus on progress. Acknowledging the results of our efforts.

Usually we have very positive reports: how much we’ve lost, how many times we’ve been to the gym, what hypnosis CD we’re currently listening to and how it’s making changes in our old habits.

Then we have a class: either about nutrition, or exercise motivation. For example, we may have a class on the importance of drinking water and how drinking 8-10 glasses benefits the weight loss process. Everyone has heard that when on a weight loss program, water is crucial, but no one ever tells us why! We think it’s important to know why.

I had one client say that her doctor always told her to drink a glass of water with lemon juice, but she never knew “why” so she didn’t do it. In our class about acidity / alkalinity she learned of the benefits, so she started doing it.

After our class, we get hypnotized to…well, whatever the class was on. So if the class was on water, we’ll get hypnotized to drink more water!

I must say, the hypnosis is the best part – we have the most advanced brainwave units available to get us into the alpha/theta state. People sometimes ask me, “What if I can’t be hypnotized?” I say, “Well, I’ve never met anyone yet who couldn’t be, and with our technology, you’re going down!” That’s what I tell them, and it’s the truth.

People also ask me, “What does hypnosis feel like?” it feels different for different people, but commonly, it’s a very relaxed, comfortable feeling. As if the mind is still awake, and the body is asleep. Some people will feel very light and floaty…while others feel very heavy, and limp, like a wet rag lying on a kitchen counter. Others feel tingly, as if they could feel the blood circulating through their bodies. It’s a very healthy state.

Every health and fitness expert will tell you everyone would do their bodies good if they’d spend 20-30 minutes engaged in some relaxation technique – whether hypnosis, meditation, prayer, reflecting quietly by a pond…As we know, much illness is triggered by stress. Hypnosis is a famous for stress reduction.

Lately, we’ve been going over the concepts of The Secret, and how to use Visualization and the Law of Attraction for creating a fit and trim physique. Most people with weight issues have hazy and fuzzy self-images. One thing we do is have the hypnotized client visualize him/herself thin – and you’d be amazed at how many people cannot do that – imagine themselves thin. And it’s just their imagination! It’s the first rule of manifestation: The clearer and more accurate the vision, the clearer and more precise the results. I think you can guess how important it is for us to get clear on our goals!

That’s all for now!

Hypnotically yours,
Gina Fox, CHT

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“When you marooned me on that god-forsaken spit of land, you forgot one very important thing, mate: I’m Captain Jack Sparrow.” – Capt. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Criss Angel and Matt Damon Are My Work-out Buddies (Daydreams)

matt.jpgHello again! Well I’ve been busy working out at the gym, and you’ll be glad to know I’ve discovered a new imagination tool. It helps me wile away the time while I’m running (and I use the term loosely) on the treadmill, or doing my weights. It started the other day when I was lifting weights and this gorgeous guy came around to do his workout. I couldn’t quite see his face, but from his hair, profile, and physique he looked a lot like Criss Angel – the deliciously eatable mind freak guy. So I pretended he WAS Criss Angel. Why not? It made my workout much more interesting and I actually extended my exercise time by a good half-hour! In fact, I didn’t want to leave because before I knew it, “Bill Clinton” had walked in, and so did “Oprah”, “Brad Pitt”, and “Johnny Depp”. Before I knew it I was surrounded by all these health conscious “celebrities”, and of course, in my mind, I had become one too. I was a “famous writer” inside some celebrity-magnet So-Cal gym.

I’ll tell you, I have not missed a gym day since then. Today I saw “Pitt” again, as well as “Davey Havok” from AFI, “Matt Damon” and others. I can’t wait to see who shows up tomorrow.

I’m doing well. I feel strong healthwise, and my muscles are getting toned, bringing definition to my physique.

Get your flabby thighs to the gym. I’m sure you’ll run into your own set of inspiring workout buddies. All you have to do is decide who everyone resembles, and sorry to say they won’t all be delectable dishes like Criss Angel, I have some boring celebrities come around too, like…well, to be honest I don’t know their names, but I recognize them from Lifetime movies and such. They’re just there and I can’t help who all goes to the gym. But I look forward to the powerfully fit Davey Havoks, that’s for sure.

Have fun, and use your imagination. It’s a powerful tool.

Till later!

Hypnotically yours,


Tips For Staying On the Road to Permanent Weight Loss

Mood: ReflectiveListening to: Loreena McKennitt – Live in Paris and Toronto, Disc one

So here we are, it’s the start of a new year, and we’re all brimming with self-promises to live our lives with more self-respect, more self-confidence, more self-satisfaction than years past. I am no different. Over the holidays – basically since September – I’ve put on 10 pounds. What happened in September is I caught a nasty, life-threatening jacuzzi bacterial infection. I was on big-daddy antibiotics, and rest and recuperation through November. Because I was so sick, I vacationed from the gym, and basically became very sedentary. That didn’t help, and to worsen matters, three words: Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Years. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve lost a couple of the pounds I’d put on, and starting today, I’m getting back to my workout regimen. I should be back to my pre-sedentary weight by February 10. Yes, 2007.

Remember, EXERCISE is the 2nd most crucial component to keeping the weight off. Okay, because I know you’re wondering about the other crucial components, I’ll tell you, from personal experience, what they are.

Number one: Changing Your Mind. In my world that means using hypnosis to De-hypnotize your mind from the old ways of interacting with food. It’s crucial to reprogram your mind with new, positive ways of – not just eating – but thinking of food. By reprogramming your mind you’ll stop going back to bad habits. Okay, so you’re saying, ”but you gained 10 pounds.” Well, there are various factors at work in my body. First of all, I’ve lost 200 pounds, and here is the bad news for me…you can lose the weight, but the fat cells don’t go away. They sit there waiting like evil, thirsty little sponges for the slightest opportunity to soak up fat. For the rest of my life I will be someone who gains weight more readily than someone who doesn’t have those extra fat cells just waiting. One positive is that five years ago I could’ve gained 10 pounds and it would’ve just served to depress me, and I’d gain another 10 and another 10 until I finally started a new diet. Nowadays, I get back on track easier and faster. I know I could never get the 200 lost back again. It’s not who I am anymore. Thank God. The two pounds I’ve already lost is simply due to letting go of the holiday eating. My new normal eating habits – January through October – are pretty good. But I do let myself indulge over the holidays.

Number two: Exercise. I have to get back to the gym. I love it once I fit it back into my daily routine. Also, because of my recent health issues, I have to start out slow, and work it up. Today, I’ll do about 10 minutes on the ball, 15 minutes on weights, and 10 minutes on the stationary bike. Tomorrow, and for a week, I’ll stick to that level. It won’t tax me, I’m not apt to get hurt or overdo it, and it’ll be so refreshing that I’ll probably look forward to doing more tomorrow. To me, that’s the most important thing – Wanting to do it again tomorrow. Because if I can keep working out regularly for the next 21 days, I’ll have developed a very good habit.

Number three: Good nutrition. About the second week of January I went back to my normally good eating habits – that is, getting my protein, fiber, veggies. Here is an average day’s meals for me:

Breakfast: protein shake, with flax seed, and frozen blueberries, and coffee or carb free Monster Energy drink. Snack: Tangerine, or nuts and raisins. Lunch: baked Salmon, steamed Basmati rice, salad. Dinner: stir fry veggies with chicken. Sometimes for a snack I’ll have another protein shake. Low carb and high protein. I use whey, but they say egg white protein is the best. Expensive though.

Number four – Hydration. Got to get the water in – 8 -10 glasses. Herbal teas are good. Hot or cold. I make fresh lemonade with splenda – yummy. Adding the juice of a lemon is a good way to alkalize the system, which is a boost to health.

Okay guys, let’s get back on track! Looking forward to feeling the weight melt off again!

Luv, Gina

Covert Bailey’s 25 Fitness Tips

working-out.jpg If you know who Covert Bailey is you’ll appreciate these fitness tips. For those who don’t know he’s the adorable, father of modern fitness, guru extraordinaire, author of Fit or Fat, and the series of Fit or Fat books. I adore him! Here you go! Words of wisdom:

Covert Bailey’s Fit or Fat

1) Exercise. If exercise were a pill, it would be the most widely prescribed medicine in the world.
2) Eat a balanced diet, lower in fat, lower in sugar and higher in fiber.
3) Diets don’t work. Exercise is the bottom line behavior for weight management.
4) Throw away your scales. Measuring your body fat is a better indicator of health than your weight.
5) When trying to lose fat, aim for a maximum of 2 pounds a week.
6) If spot reducing worked, people who chew gum would have skinny faces.
7) Crash dieting, over exercising and fasting will slow down your metabolism.
8) People don’t stop exercising because they grow old, they grow old because they stop exercising.
9) It’s easy to lose weight. The challenge is to keep it off. Exercise works.
10) Don’t worry so much about your heart rate when you exercise. Use common sense and pace yourself so you can talk.
11) When you exercise, remind yourself, “I’m building fat-burning enzymes.”
12) If you get out of breath when you exercise, you’re going too fast.
13) One of the best ways to reduce stress is to exercise.
14) The older you are, the more important it is that you exercise. Exercise makes bones denser. Exercise helps maintain mobility.
15) Labels don’t lie, but liars write labels.
16) Statistics are like bikinis. They only reveal half the truth.
17) Upper-body weight training will help women maintain lean body mass.
18) More muscle equals less workout time.
19) Don’t say, “I don’t eat red meat.” Say, “I don’t eat greasy meats.”
20) There’s no such thing as cellulite. The word was dreamed up by people with products to market to describe skin with texture that shows underlying fat on some women more than others.
21) The best aerobic exercise is the one you’ll do every day.
22) The best time to exercise is when you will do it.
23) If you don’t seem to be getting more fit, you may be exercising too hard.
24) If you exercise more than 45 minutes 5 days a week, you aren’t doing it for fitness sake.
25) Beware of medically monitored diet programs. If you need a doctor, there must be something wrong.

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Working Out? Beware Of Injury!

Personal regret inspires todays topic. Last week I pulled a muscle in my back by being an overly enthusiastic exerciser. I got carried away on a broken stair machine, that I didn’t realize was broken until it hurt too much to keep stepping as hard as I was having to step, in order to keep the machine turned on. You know the kind of mechanism I’m talking about, if you don’t keep a steady pace, it turns off. At first when it kept saying “faster” (just before turning off) I thought I was to blame. Not wanting to wimp out, I tried harder and harder. Finally I changed machines, but it was too late, I’d already felt the twinge in my back.

So this blog will be about the importance of being reasonable with your workouts. Important: Be aware that your current level of health, and obesity, will affect your abilities. I know, it sounds like a DUH!, but I know many women and men in their forties, who at some level think they are still seventeen and that their bodies will heal just as efficiently as they did back then. Trust me, it isn’t so.

When I first started exercising on a regular basis I was so out of shape I could barely walk. In fact, at 400 pounds, if I went to the store and couldn’t find parking next to the door, I’d leave and come back later. Sometimes really late. Well, one has to exercise to lose weight healthily, and I’m no exception. However, I had to begin very slow. My start level was doing the treadmill for one-two minutes, Max. And even with just that I’d be huffing and puffing the last few seconds. (I actually introduced myself to exercise through bellydance, but that’s another blog.)

These days, I’m jogging on the treadmill for ten minutes at a time (unless I’ve stupidly pulled a muscle in my back, or sprained an ankle…but that’s another story.) What a huge improvement in my overall health! But to get from there to here, believe me, I’ve suffered more than a handful of exercise-related injury. Strains, sprains, aches and pains from overdoing it. Even increased frequency of colds and flus. (That because I wasn’t giving my body the room it needed to both heal muscle, and decontaminate airborne bugs.) There must be balance. I’ve tried to keep it safe, but sometimes I’ve gotten too gung-ho.

In spite of going through the school of hard knocks, I love exercising. My motto is, “Do exercise in such a way that you look forward to it tomorrow.” I’ve noticed that many people hate exercise because they make it a chore. A nightmare. Painful. It doesn’t have to be that way, and in fact, shouldn’t be that way.

Recent evidence is that we only need to workout for thirty minutes at a time. More than that and stress hormones, like cortisol get released, reducing the benefits. So why bother?

Anyway, keep your workouts FUN – so you’ll keep wanting to do it, CONSISTENT – so you’ll notice results, and WITHIN your current safety potential – so you won’t injure yourself, and have to refrain from exercise for days to weeks.

Me myself and I…what I do is have a Minimum Workout Contract. That means my bottomline is to get to the gym and do 10 minutes on a bike, or stairs, or something aerobic. Plus, a few weights – legs or arms. That way, if I’m having a real low energy day, I don’t just NOT go to the gym. I still go, which keeps me in the routine, but I don’t feel it’s a ball and chain. I MAKE EXERCISE HABIT. I keep my schedule conducive to getting my workouts. It’s crucial to me, because it’s so easy to “not have time” for exercise, and I don’t want to swim in those waters.

So, even now that I am injured and can’t do my normal routine, because I belong to a gym with a pool, swimming or gentle water aerobics is a good alternative for me. It keeps me moving, keeps going to the gym in my busy schedule, and just feels good!

Okay, I veered off onto another branch of the topic. Back to the subject line. Off the top of my head, here are some DOs for avoiding injury:

DO make sure your machine is working properly. (My bad…but never again!)

DO make sure you are working your machine properly – ask a trainer or someone who knows how to use it properly if you aren’t sure.

DO work at YOUR individual pace for your particular level of ability – even when others around you are working out much harder.

DO try new machines slowly and steadily build speed, resistance, and endurance as you increase your muscle power.

DO warm up stretches before getting on the weights or aerobic machines – as it will not only increase your flexibility but also prepare your body for more effective, efficient fat-burning.

DO wear proper attire – loose, comfortable clothing for ultimate movement, and good sports shoes will enhance your results.

DO weight machines, however give your body adequate rest/repair time by alternating days you work on the upper body and torso, and days you work on the legs and butt.

Offhand, I can’t think of anymore, but if you can, send me a note and I’ll be sure to add it to the list, with a grateful acknowledgement to you! Till soon! Gina