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The Secret – Oprah vs Rosie

I watched the View yesterday and the ladies had pretty much good things to say about The Secret, though Rosie, (and I actually like Rosie lately) kinda didn’t quite get it. Now I still haven’t seen the DVD, but being a hypnotist, I know the gist of what they are trying to say. Like attracts Like. Pretty basic.Anyway, Rosie cited the part of the movie when they apparently say look at the back of your hands, and now fold them as if you’re holding onto something with your hands, and close your eyes and imagine them wrapped around the steering wheel of the car of your dreams and you’re driving that car…Then, supposedly they show the person really driving that car, as if the car miraculously appeared in their driveway five seconds later.

She is being so unimaginatively literal, and as I’ve heard it, many of ”the secret’s” critics are doing the same thing. Like they think we expect to be answered in five minutes or something. I mean we’ve all had the experience of thinking about something – sometimes it was even years ago that we thought those things- and suddenly it’s come into our lives, seemingly from outta thin air. Sometimes we do get an answer in five minutes, sometimes it’s years away. When it’s years away it’s because we needed time to become the LIKE we are wanting to attract. James Allen, in his famous and powerful book, As a Man Thinketh, says “Man does not attract to himself that which he wants, but rather that which he is. And what he is are the things he spends his time dwelling upon.”

As you may or may not know, I go to the hospital monthly for 5-hour long IVIG infusions. I went yesterday and was talking to a darling girl who had within the past year been diagnosed with Leukemia, and a lung condition. She had a bone marrow transplant, and lung surgery, and currently has to get infusions on a daily basis. She quit work, and has spent much of this year in the hospital. She told me, “It’s kind of funny but I remember last year I was really stressed out – working fulltime, taking care of my young family, we had just bought a new home, and I was saying over and over to myself, I need a long break, where I can just stay in bed, and rest…Now look at me. My wish has come true, you could say. Be careful what you wish for!”

Now how many of us have had the same sort of wish-fulfillment – and of course it could be a positive result. I can remember when I was a small child and I’d swing a crystal in front of my little brother’s face and say, “you’re getting sleepy…” I always loved the idea of being a hypnotist. Funny thing is the idea to become a hypnotherapist came from the SUBCONCIOUS, because consciously I would’ve never guessed I would choose this career path. I mean, when I chose to leave my trustworthy social services job to open my hypnotist’s office it came as a sudden opportunity – seemingly from outta nowhere. At the time (1998) I was talking to my dear hypnotherapy instructor ( I had taken the course in 1994) and he said, “Julie (a mutual friend) wants to open a Hypnosis Center, but she wants a partner. Do you know anyone who might be interested?” I knew I did know of someone – I was certain of it, but it just wouldn’t come to me. It was that feeling on the tip of your tongue that I knew the perfect person for her. One day as I was driving down the freeway pondering this very solution, it came to me as an AHA! moment – ME! Why not me??? I was deliriously happy and shocked. What took me so long? Anyway, the rest is history, as I sit in my Hypnotist chair writing this. I’ve never been happier.

But the key is Being the LIKE that you want to attract – how many times do I have to say that, people! And the key to THAT is becoming the LIKE if you aren’t right now. It doesn’t have to be years. In my next blog I will illustrate what I mean by that exact thing – becoming the LIKE. Got to close down blog shop now, clients coming in.

Luv, Gina

Oprah’s “The Secret” Follow-Up Show

jag2.jpg I don’t know how many of you watched Oprah’s follow up show to The Secret…only two of the original panel guests returned to answer questions, and in my opinion they were the two who understood the Secret the least of all the original panel guests. I’m talking about James Arthur Ray(Arthur of the Science of Success) hereafter referred to as JAR, and the REV. Dr. Michael Beckwith (Founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center) hereafter referred to as REV. I have to say I was probably most impressed by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul guy) – hey Jack, how could you be too busy to make Oprah’s show, I wonder?

Anyway, Jar and Rev, while I’m sure they’re intelligent, evolved men, managed to take a fascinating premise and make it wholly drab and mundane. They pretty much kept repeating the same two commands – visualize it and act on it. Well DUH…I was not inspired.

JAR was really goofy. Some lady was having financial problems and his advice to her was – seriously, don’t get disgusted – his advice was “save, invest, cut back spending.” That’s about as life-changing as some guy saying , “Hey I invented the magic bullet for weight loss!” So Oprah has him on her show, and he says, “YOU CAN BE THIN – all you have to do is eat less, and get more exercise.” Wooo – big news there. Yeah right. (Well, I guess that’s about what Dr. Phil did in his weight loss book, eh. What a scam THAT was.)

Don’t get me wrong – I loved the first show on the secret. In fact, Jack had me get into action about changing my outlooks, and attitudes. Jack said things that were right on! He didn’t say, “Save, Invest, Cut back spending.” He would’ve said, I believe he would’ve said, “Change your vision of your relationship with money, and financial circumstances…make your vision so bright and colorful that you get emotional about it. Once we get emotional inside of new perceptions, we start recreating our thought patterns, and redefining what WE ARE LIKE….” Remember what all they said? THE SECRET is the Law of Attraction. The number one rule of that law is that LIKE attracts LIKE.

Awesome, ain’t it!

One last comment I have to Jar and Rev is that they should refrain from trying to define what GOD is in 100 words or less, and expect other people to convert. Apparently another lady was concerned that the secret may conflict with her Christianity. The Rev came up with some generic interpretation of who God is, and what He expects from us. She didn’t look convinced. Nor was I. His belief had nothing to do with hers. I would tell her, “Lady, God has given us many tools to live by. The law of attraction is a tool, just as genetics is a tool, as is astronomy, gardening, sewing, prayer, money, and everything else good.”

Here is one of several letters I got about my last “Secret” Blog – and my response:

Thank you so much for this explanation Gina.
I saw bits and pieces on CNN last night and have been searching the web for more information. I am unemployed at the moment and can’t afford to purchase the DVD
so am trying to find answers without that purchase (although once I find a job I
will buy it). I have been very discouraged in my job search and I now feel that I can go at it in a positive frame of mind instead of one that was becoming increasingly depressed. I am even applying today for a job that I don’t really have all of the background for, but know without a doubt that I can do. I had decided not to apply, but……here I go!

Thanks again,

(Name withheld by me.)

Dear (NWBM),

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am glad I was able to provide further explanation of The Secret for you. It’s pretty powerful stuff, the Law of Attraction. Good luck on your job quest. Remember to envision yourself doing the kind of work you enjoy, have contribution for, and respect for, and fill those visions with a shower of green big money bills – and remember to say to yourself, “Yes, I CAN do this!” And believe that with all your soul!

And get detailed and colorful about the vision. Remember what Oprah’s Secret guests said, Everyone knows what they Don’t want, YOU have to envision what you DO want. Step up the way you’ve been seeing things. Remember what I said about the car? If you generally picture a used run-of-the-mill Toyota, start picturing brand new, leather-smelling Jaguars instead. Make it a new habit.

So Envision yourself perfectly groomed (maybe a new hair cut, or hair color?), perfectly prepared, positively motivated to stun your employers with a motivated on-fire attitude, performance that screams recognition…get sensual about it – hear the office sounds, feel in your heart the detailed praise you get from work well done, smell the flowers on your desk, taste the healthy brown bag lunch you packed…become emotional about it. Emotion means passion and passionate people make life happen. Don’t just do it once – make a habit of it, a new, clearer way of seeing things.

May the Force be with you!

Hypnotically yours,

Gina Fox

That’s all I have to say about this for now. But hey dear Oprah, if you have another follow up, get Jack Canfield, please!

“When you marooned me on that god-forsaken spit of land, you forgot one very important thing, mate: I’m Captain Jack Sparrow.” – Capt. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)